Blogger Design / Renovation

Want a professional looking blog, but don't want to get tangled up in the HTML codes that make up your Blogger blog?

I offer quality, affordable Blog Design and Renovation to help you get your Blogger Blog into shape.

My services include:
  • Removing the dangerous "Next Blog" NavBar: $3 (included with blog design)
  • Adding search box (with customized "submit" button) for your readers to easily navigate your blog: $5
  • Creating separate pages for your blog without being 'stuck' with the same sidebar items as your original blog page: starting at $25 per page (dependent on the level of installation needed)
  • Matching your blog's text colors to your banner, signature, etc.: $5
Other services available upon request. Tell me what you want, I'll try to make it happen!

Pricing varies. Contact me with a list of your requests, I will respond promptly with your estimate.